Golden Hour Clothing Co. is dedicated to designing uplifting, minimalist and oversized tees. We developed our products to bring some light to the craziness occurring around the world. We hope our products bring joy to all through encouraging messages and design.  We are based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota but our goal is to spread happiness far beyond our home state.


Golden Hour Clothing Co. was founded on three core beliefs: maintaining faith through the valleys, continuously extending kindness to all and glorifying the One that makes this all possible. We believe that with those beliefs on our hearts, we can make a true impact in the world. 



We believe that faith and love can combat negativity. For this reason, those at GHC are praying for you and others around the world. We pray that, regardless of the season you are in, you may find the peace, joy, rest and/or love that you are searching for. If you are willing, we ask that you join us in prayer for others who are battling loss, pain and hardships during this time. 



We would love to learn about you and your story! Tag pictures in your Golden Hour Clothing to our instagram @goldenhourclothingco. We look forward to seeing your posts in your new outfits!